Happy new year!

I’m not usually this dramatic, but fuck it.

This year, I’ve been scratched, crumpled, torn to pieces and thrown about. But the bright side of it, I learned. Like hell I did. It wasn’t easy but with encouragement from the people I love, who isn’t as close as some, and some I don’t even know, I knew everything will be alright.

I’ve made mistakes that hurt the people around me, made choices without thinking and made a mess. I admit that I was reckless and stupid. And for that, I’m sorry. For the person that I ignored for months, you know who you are, I’m sorry for choosing a more of an asshole than you are over our friendship. Haha. And to the people that I may have hurt, intentionally or not, I’m sorry. And for that boy who made my life a living hell, fuck you. I don’t owe you anything anymore, motherfucker. 🙂

Thank you, friends, for always being there for me. Char. No, I’m not kidding. Thank you for staying with me through my ups and especially during my downfall. Your “shet ang sakit” advices made it less difficult for me to get back on my feet again. The shoulders that I cried on, the handkerchieves you lent when my tears won’t stop falling, the times you spared to listen to my bullshit and etc, your open arms and warm hugs, I will never forget them. I will always remember our friendship. Char. I wouldn’t be this person that I am now (nga palahubog, hahaha jk) if it weren’t for you. Thank you for sharing this year (and tagay) with me! Haha.

This year wasn’t so bad. Though I’ve been through shitload of shit, I know there is something to be happy about. I treasure every one of you. You made my life worth living. Way joke. I hope I was able to help you, even ginagmay ra. I can’t promise to stop my vices next year, sorry nalang daan. Hahaha. But I’ll make sure it’ll be less chaotic.

Happy new year! 🙂

Always here for you,
Danaloi Mas Sexy Pa Ni Megan Fox Sprongkloi


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