I and You

Let’s start with I. It’s always I.
I regret, I detest yet I’m not sad,
Not even lonely as weeks go by
I don’t even feel bad.
I knew I gave what I had,
I provided the necessities to keep us alive.

I believed in everything you said,
Everything that flowed out of your mouth,
Those sweet words..
To me, you used to be the world.

But you, you’re stupid.
An insensitive piece of shit.
You’re nothing but a sore, a tick.
You’re just another asshole my friends and I know.
You’re nothing more, nothing more than those.

And now I’m on my feet again,
Standing just an inch away
from the hole you dug and put me in.
I feel no sympathy for you,
And you’ll never see me crying over you,
Or frowning over your pretty lies,
But you’ll see me laughing
As you drown in your bad deeds, as you bathe in red.
You’ll see me happy with your deceitful eyes.


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