Good vs Right

This post is about differentiating good from right. I’m the kind of person who is specific in words, their meaning and comparing them. I just hope this helps you in making your choices and living your life with bliss.

A good(choice) is good. It differs from what’s right because (1) It’s not righteous, (2) It’s just not right. Haha. A good choice makes you happy, the usual aftermath of it is you end up in pain –which is good, because it will help you grow. A good choice is regretful, but remember, life goes on? A good choice will not be appreciated by the people around you, who aren’t in your position, and who doesn’t walk at your pace. A good choice will always make you happy because basically, you know it’s good for you. Selfish, right? But if you think about it, selfishness doesn’t really matter. It’s your life, for pete’s sake! It’s not other people’s to live! A good choice can be a mistake, believe me, it can be. A good choice usually disguise itself as something right, oh yes it does. A good choice is a comfort zone. Comfort zones suck, it restrains you from seeing what else you are capable of. But in reality, we need comfort zones because humans, comfort, duh. Just don’t allow yourself to be stuck in there. A good choice can transform itself into something you will dread. But let’s just look at the bright side of it. A good choice is good. The good thing about it is; it could be better, it could be best. It could somehow level up to super, you know. The happiness a good choice will give you is priceless. Carefreeee.

A right(choice) is righteous. The people who usually picks this are the ones who are religious and who are so conscious of their image+identity = reputation. And the ones who are mature. A right choice will hurt no one involved in a situation but youself. Because most of the time, right choices are not blissful. A right choice doesn’t always make you happy. It makes other people happy. A right choice is more regretful. A right choice is sacrificial and self-sacrificial. It’s about humility. A right choice is an ideal choice but you’ll never know what’s next –which is kind of thrilling yet boring. A right choice is usually not you. A right choice is whoever-it-may-be’s pleasure, not yours. And that’s it, you’re right. Will that satisfy you? The bright side of it is, you sure will feel good about youself because yea, you did what’s right, and it sure will please who you’re trying to please. But not you.

Are you a good or a right choice? Are your choices good or right? Well, I’m good, not because I’m carefree and selfish (haha okay, honestly, I am), but because I just see happiness in what’s good than in what’s right. I don’t wanna be right, I want to be good and I want to be better. I’m at the good side. No doubt about it.


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