Haha. Damn it.

Hey, so I heard you were saying wrong things to your friends about me? Well, fuck you. If this were the hunger games, I’d kill you first. I wanna cut you into pieces. I wanna strangle you and cut the veins that keeps you breathing. I wanna hit your head hard with a baseball bat with sharp, rusty nails or with our guitar case. I wanna flay you alive, then bathe lemon juice all over your open skin. I wanna beat the shit out of you until nobody can recognize your face, put your frail body in a barrel and roll it downhill. I wanna hang you in a tall tree. I wanna cut your penis and testicles and burn them while you scream in agony. I wanna hit you with my brother’s big white truck. I wanna crush your bones to million pieces. I wanna pound you like a drum set. I wanna tangle you like wires. I wanna burn you like these cigarettes, burn you with my fire. I wanna bury you 60 feet under the ground with blades. I want to destroy you and everything about you. I want to tear your clothes and good-boy mask off of you, and make you into something everybody will despise. I want to see you naked. I want to expose your evil agendas and sophistication won’t even cover up for you. I want the world to see how monstrous you are. I want to exile you in a isolated island with no resources and watch you suffer. I want to wrap you in sugar and feed you to billions of ants. I want to tie you on our car and drag you while I drive around. I want to drown you in my deep, blue and red hatred. I want to see you frown and be alone for the rest of your life. You motherfucker. I want to damn you to the deepest pit of hell. I could do everything I said at once if only you aren’t so pitiful. I could destroy you with one call. I could destroy you in a day and it would be effortless. Cos no shit, I fucking hate you. I will humiliate you and dispatch your self-esteem. And as you rot in grief, I will step on you as if you’re a fucking cockroach. Because you are. You are a fucking cockroach. You deserve to die, you useless, disgusting, dirty insect. I could do the world a service, you know. Poeple, no –insects like you shouldn’t reproduce. Go fuck yourself.

And on the bottom of all these, I want to forgive you. Haha. Damn it.


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