You’re not boring as long as you stories to share, as long as there are people who’d spend a few seconds to make a conversation with you or call you by your nickname. You’re not lonely if you’re alone yet still enjoy the time you waste, or your comfort food still comforts you. But if it hurts somewhere, then you are lonely. You’re human, that’s not bad at all, but look for company. Make sure they’re good people. Talk. If you don’t have stuff to share, then listen. Listen well. It’s good to know that at least you’re not lonely enough to be deaf to your surroundings. If you don’t feel comfortable with the people whose names you already know, then relate with strangers. Make sure it’s safe though. There are millions of people you can talk to. If you’re broken-hearted, don’t close your blinds and hide behind them. Go out instead. It will take time to mend but it’ll be less difficult under the sun. Darling, don’t feel lonely. Don’t be alone, because for sure, you’ll get nothing from it.


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