Absolute Beauty

Response to Absolute Beauty

I believe the beauty are emotions –the positivity, that unexplainable feeling when you adore someone, when you can just stare at them without your eyes tiring. When you look at your friends finally having boyfriends and girlfriends and seeing them happy, when you see your parents glad with what you accomplished despite your mischievousness, when you buy something you saved for for 5 months or a year, when lying your back after a long day, when waking up without the noise of your alarm, when eating your favorite food after craving for it for days and days, when doing something for the first time, when submitting projects before the deadline, when arriving at school 15 minutes before your class, etc. The negativity, when you wake up 30 minutes late for your appointment, the disappointment when something you expected to come gets delayed, when you think your relationship with someone would last yet end up the next day, the broken hearts and promises, when you do something for the last time, parting ways with friends, etc. I believe everything I mentioned is priceless. They may not make so much sense but it makes up the total beauty of you. And that’s all that matters. You are the absolute beauty.


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