I’m lying on my back but I’m still tired,
Got this heavy load on my lungs, maybe it’s nicotine,
But baby, it’s something else –it’s the pain you left me
It’s as if every inhale is a memory of you,
Crushing every muscle inside me,
Making me feel subdued.

Yes, I’m standing but my knees are shaking,
Not even cigarettes can calm me,
Daily dose of sleep can restrain me from this agitation,
But it wakes me up in this tropical heat,
And it’s on repeat like a favorite song,
A life without you is now my routine.

I bought every word you said because I loved you,
For me, everything was truth,
Like the sky on a sunny day, they were beautiful,
And your eyes and how they sparkled in the dark,
I couldn’t deny I fell hard for them,
Couldn’t deny I fell hard for you.


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