I’ve been arguing with myself on how things work –what’s the difference between the core and the outer layer? Must there be something to conceal when people really don’t give a fuck? I’m talking about people here. Talking on how a person stands and deals with himself.

I’d like to vent.

Why do most people concern more on their outer layer? You busy yourself glamouring it with the world’s standards. It’s petty and stupid. Because anyone with the right mind should be focused on the core.

It’s just a fucking layer. Someone who sees you through could peel it off of you without you noticing. You’ll be surprised then, seeing yourself naked, and you’d be upset looking at that shell you believed would protect you from discrimination. You’d stare at yourself, your core, regretting to have forgotten to glamour it.

Yes, this is for the man who is too concerned with his reputation. Too concerned, you forgot how to be a good person. You forgot how to be a good father and a good brother. Outer layers are manipulative. How about working on your core?

I don’t want to hate you. I could never hate you. But you make me want to.


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