Begin Again

For 5 months, I have been unemployed –and not to mention, out of school. I quit. I admit it, I felt hopeless. I thought proceeding art major would be a waste of money. And so I ran away from home, thinking I could live by myself. I have never been so wrong.

Months have passed when all I did was procrastinate, sleep and eat. I believe it wasn’t a waste of time. I enjoyed it. And for the record, I started thinking of changing my career. It took me at least a month to decide to shift my major to journalism. Hell yeah. Well, honestly, it was difficult. I had to weigh the time it will take, my parents’ opinions and the money to spend. To think, my parents exerted effort and risked their lives everyday to see me attain a degree.

“There’s a difference between love and want. I love graphic designing, I love brainstorming for concepts, but like a locked door without a key, I can’t get through it. And that key is too damn rare to find, like an appetite for eating something I’m not fond of. See, I want to write. Writing, for me, is like drinking coffee. It comes naturally to me. I just have to master it.”

Gladly, my father agreed to my declaration. He’s a journalist, too. And we had the same experience when he was my age.

This will be a big leap for me, as if I’ll be jumping from a mountain to another one. I’ll have to begin again. But nothing should stop you from acquiring what you want.


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