“Even if it’s premium, you still doubt its quality;
because you know the world is undependable.”

I have been unfair to people lately, though they may not be aware, especially to my friends. I know that I need them the most, that they’re a fraction of my body that I can’t function without –my foundation.

I know that, alright. Crystal clear.

Yet I started doubting both the relationship and the person itself. I became mindful of their loyalty, sincerity and respect, and how long it will last. And that’s the second most wicked thought I’ve ever had next to suicide.

“Am I being used only for their benefit?”

“Would they betray me?”

Questions that sounds foolish, but had never made so much sense to me until now.
Questions that make me the betrayer. 
That makes me the bitch, right?

I’ll go find genuineness again.

I’m sorry.


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