15 Sensual Songs To Put On Your Weekend Playlist

Must. Listen to.

Thought Catalog

1. LION BABE – Treat Me Like Fire

“Hey boy, I like your style.
Come over here, let’s talk awhile.
Yea you, I’m curious what we would do, the two of us.
What would you like to do? I’ll introduce you to
my eyes, my lips, my hair. If you’re good we’ll go from there.”

2. Elli Ingram – Sober

I’ve been in love with Elli since I first saw her glorious rendition of Kendrick Lamar’s “Poetic Justice.” I might be biased here, but EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW HER BECAUSE SHE’S AMAZING. She’s an auditory aphrodisiac, and let me tell you, I’m into it.

3. Marc E. Bassy – Faded

Bonus – check out his entire EP, East Hollywood, on SoundCloud.

I’m kind of obsessed (in a totally healthy way…)Tell him Ari sent you so he maybe decides to be my friend..? Eh?

4. Kehlani – The Way ft. Chance The…

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