Time Is An Excuse

When there’s too much time,
there will be many gaps:
Gaps that are laid right in front us,
gaps that we can hardly see,
gaps that are left behind.

There will be happiness,
the luxury of procrastination,
and the power over consequences.
We embrace it in our arms,
then throw it away.

There will be oblivion.
We forget that there’s an end,
but not really forget.
We know there’s an end
but we’re humans,
and humans disregard –,
Oh, how we do it so damn well.

There will be pain,
a pain too precious to let go
because it pokes your chest
again and again.
In the middle of the night,
when you’re alone
and reminds you that you’re human,
and that you’re not alone,
after all.

Time makes us human.

Time is an excuse.


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